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Robotics MSE Fall 2020 Pass/Fail Grading Policy

The Robotics MSE program recognizes that due to COVID-19, and the restrictions necessary to combat the illness, that the Fall 2020 has been an unusual semester, and students have faced unique struggles. Because of this, the leadership of the program has decided to allow students, at the discretion of faculty instructors, to switch courses to the Pass/Fail grading system. Ordinarily, courses that fulfill either the 10 courses of the Course Option or 8 courses of the Essay Option must be taken for a letter grade; in the Fall 2020 semester ONLY, these courses can be taken for P/F, and if a grade of “P” is obtained, then the course will count as part of the degree requirements. A grade of P denotes an equivalent letter grade of C- or above. Please note that if you obtain an “F” in a course, you will be put on Academic Probation.

Switching to P/F is at the discretion of the faculty instructor for the course, and they are within their rights to refuse the request. To request the change, please email the professor before the beginning of final exams. No grade can be switched to P/F after the semester is over.

At this time, this policy is ONLY for Fall 2020, and it is expected that the grading policy will revert to the regular policy as outlined in the advising manual for Spring 2021. If this changes, we will both email you and post the new policy on the website:

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