The LCSR Graduate Student Association (LCSR-GSA) is the student representative body in the Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics (LCSR). The GSA works to foster an environment of collaboration and community among graduate students and faculty associated with LCSR, which is conducive to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the fundamentally interdisciplinary field of robotics. Our responsibilities include:


  1. Representation of graduate students in the LCSR,
  2. Organizing social events to bolster connectedness within LCSR,
  3. Assisting in departmental and graduate seminars,
  4. Management/maintenance of shared equipment/space, and
  5. Providing outreach opportunities for LCSR in the Baltimore community.


Our biweekly meetings are open to all students in the LCSR. If you are interested in attending, please email us for the current meeting schedule.

The GSA consists of the LCSR Graduate Student Committee (LGSC), which represents labs affiliated with the LCSR, and an executive board with specific roles and responsibilities as laid out in the LCSR-GSA constitution. Elections to the executive board happen every December and are announced via the graduate student mailing list.




Executive board members:


Name (web link)




Benjamin Killeen

Mathias Unberath

Communications Officer

Yihao Liu

Mehran Armand

Office Manager

Justin Ma

Mehran Armand


Michael Wilkinson

Noah Cowan

Social Chair

Lidia Al-Zogbi

Axel Krieger

MSE Representative

Ahan Dalia


Social Chair

Divya Ramesh

Chen Li

Outreach Chair

Annie Mao

Louis Whitcomb

GRO Representative

Trevor Schwehr


GRO Representative

Manuel Marin

Louis Whitcomb

Social Chair

Kaitlynn Pineda



Committee Members:




Amama Mahmood

Chien-Ming Huang

Chengda Ji

Dennice Gayme

Di Cao

Noah Cowan

Dimitri Lezcano

Iulian Iordachita

Jake Carducci

Jeremy Brown

Ji Woong Kim

Marin Kobilarov

Mardava Gubbi

Muyinatu Bell

Yixuan Wu

Emad Boctor

Yanzhou Wang

Jin U Kang

Yishun Zhao


Divya Ramesh

Chen Li

Hisashi Ishida

Russ Taylor, Peter Kazanzides


Laboratory for Computational Sensing + Robotics