SIL Rules

Safety/Behavior Rules


  • Students will need to ask permission from the lab director to use the facility for a set amount of time.
  • No food or drink in the lab (except water in a closed container, like a water bottle)
  • No open-toed shoes
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Do not use any equipment you do not know how to use. Contact the LM to receive training.
  • Students can use the Robotorium shop, but must take the safety training.
  • If there are any accidents (large or small) please inform your faculty supervisor immediately and send the LM a report of the incident.
  • The SIL is not a social hangout. Showing off projects to friends is fine, but otherwise don’t have friends over. Do not share the security code with anyone.
  • Do not disturb the other projects or people in the Robotorium. Please be respectful.

General Station Upkeep rules


  • Students must clean up the lab station when they are done. This does not just mean removing PI items (see below); students must leave the lab station in pristine condition. Every item belonging to the station (station item) like oscilloscopes, toolbox etc, put back in their original place and all debris/trash cleaned off.
  • When leaving, log out or shut down the computer
  • If the student needs to take a break from their work for more than 5 minutes or so (like getting food), they may leave their station as is. However, a sign saying how long they will be gone is required.
  • Students must sign in (like in Wyman) and sign out (with a time stamp). They also must indicate which station they are using.
  • Students may not borrow items from other lab stations in use (or any items not belonging to the SIL). If the student needs items from another (unused) lab station, they must return it while cleaning up.
  • Students may not borrow items from other labs in the Robotorium.

Project Inventory Rules


  • Project Inventory items are defined as objects not owned by the SIL (i.e. not in the inventory). This can range from Ipods to a students personal collection of resistors or parts they orders specifically for their project
  • If a student wishes to store a PI item/items in the SIL for convince, they must check out storage space.
  • Any PI items left out in the lab, or not in the assigned storage space, will be appropriated by the LM. At first, items will be put in a lost and found box (There will be 1 lost and found box for each station). If the item is in the lost and found box for a significant amount of time (significant = 1 to 2 weeks), the SIL lab will appropriate it.
    • If a valuable item (iPod, cellphone etc) is found, the owner will be contacted if possible (using lab check-in info, mailing lists etc). If no one claims the item by the end of the week, the SIL will give the item to the school lost and found run by campus security (516-4600). However, expensive scientific equipment (like a multimeter or a microprocesor) will be kept at the SIL.

Storage Space Rules


  • Students can check out boxes/tubs belonging to the SIL for their storage of PI items.
  • These boxes belong in specific cabinets, and cannot be stored anywhere else.
  • The boxes can be checked out for 1 term.
    • If the PI storage space is not full, the students may check out space indefinitely. If it is full and a waiting list develops, they’ll have to surrender their space to those first in line.
    • If students leave their PI items in storage past the allowed length of time (or over the summer) and do not respond to communication from the LM, normal lost and found rules will apply.
    • Competition projects may arrange storage space throughout the competition “season.” Once the season is over, they will have a two-week grace period to clear out their stuff. Then normal storage rules will apply.

Lending Rules


  • The SIL will lend items (this does not include PI items) to other labs inside the Robotorium only. SIL items will not be allowed to leave the Robotorium without permission of the Lab Director.
    • If the SIL items leave campus (or are removed from the Robotorium overnight) the project team must send a list of items to the LM for inventory purposes.
    • Students must fill out a sign out card and put it in the check out box. Upon returning the item, they must throw away the card.
    • Students must return the items by start of business the next day (8:00 am).