LCSR Seminar: Swaroop Vedula “Objective skill assessment and personalized feedback for surgeons”

September 16, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Ashley Moriarty

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This talk is an overview of our ongoing research in cataract surgery within the Language of Surgery project. Videos of the surgical field are a rich and easily accessible source of data on the extent and nature of care provided to patients in the operating room. This is a tremendous opportunity to demystify care in the surgical field, which is otherwise a black-box in many ways. Methods to analyze videos of the surgical field have multiple applications, one of which is a co-pilot for surgeons that supports their learning in the operating room throughout their career. Using cataract surgery as the prototype, this talk covers research to enable a learning platform that provides objective skill assessments and personalized feedback for surgeons.



Swaroop Vedula is a medical doctor with surgical training and an epidemiologist, with post-doctoral training in computer science. He is a research faculty in the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare. Dr. Vedula’s research spans technology for objective skill assessment and personalized feedback for surgeons, surgical data science to analyze care in the operating room and its association with patient outcomes, robotic assistance for skill acquisition and surgical coaching, and explainable prediction models for clinical decision support.

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