IAS Hans-Fischer-Senior-Fellowship awarded to Greg Hager

February 16, 2015
Greg Hager

Greg Hager at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Gregory Hager, Chair of the Computer Science Department at Johns Hopkins and a member of LCSR, recently was awarded the Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship by the Institute for Advanced Study after an international competition. Hager’s winning entry proposed partnering with Technische Universität Munchen on boundary-pushing projects in the area of human-machine collaborative systems. The fellowship is named for TUM professor Hans Fischer (1881-1945), who won the 1930 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for pioneering work on hemoglobin and related structures. Hager will receive €60,000 plus €50,000 for travel, housing and research related costs, such as the organization of workshops. This award also will give Hager the opportunity to mentor a doctoral student at TUM, further strengthening ties between LCSR and TUM.

Using the fellowship, Hager and Nassir Navab (faculty in LCSR and TUM) will explore the modeling of data on human task performance with the goal of creating intelligent assistants who will enhance human abilities through individualized training and augmentation. Hager and Navab’s efforts will be channeled toward applications in surgery and interventional care that require high technical and cognitive skills. The long-term aim of this collaboration is to establish a center of excellence devoted to the advancement of medical technologies: specifically, medical devices and systems.

Hager’s research interests include topics in computer-integrated healthcare and human-machine collaborative robotic systems for medicine, manufacturing or in-home applications. Find more information on Hager and the current research going on in the Computational Interaction and Robotics Lab here.


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