Nature Reports: Undersea robot explores life below Arctic ice

December 18, 2014

“Although 2014 has not been kind to rockets, it has been a banner year for robots of all stripes. NASA’s Curiosity rover sniffed out signs of methane on Mars; the European Space Agency dropped a washing-machine-sized lander onto a comet. And in July, researchers used a robotic diver to probe one of the most inaccessible […]

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Johns Hopkins Robo Challenge awarded JH Alumni Association grant

December 17, 2014

The JH Alumni Association has awarded the Johns Hopkins Robo Challenge a grant to fund the annual competition on May 2, 2015. Held annually, Robo Challenge is a graduate student organized robotics educational outreach effort aimed at middle and high school students. For more information on the Robo Challenge event and training sessions for teachers […]

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What Juggling Is Teaching Scientists About Running

September 24, 2014

Research on juggling is giving scientists a better understanding of how we’re able to do “no-brainer” activities like walking and running. A new study in the Journal of Neurophysiology shows that touch sensation, also known as haptic feedback, plays an important role in maintaining the rhythm that is integral to juggling. “The haptic sensation is […]

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