JHU Robotics Career Fair

October 7, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

LCSR Career Fair – October 7, 2022 1-4pm EDT

We would like to invite you to participate in the first annual Johns Hopkins Robotics Career Fair. The event will be completely online (virtual) on Gather.town.  The goal is to help connect students and industry with internships and jobs. The tentative schedule include a keynote speaker from 1-2pm, elevator pitch practice with Industry professionals working one-on-one with students from 2-3pm, and then virtual company job-fair from 3-4pm in which each company/organization will have a dedicated virtual “table” to meet with our students.

Friday 10/7
1:00 pm Keynote Speaker: Keynote by Stephen Aylward, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Kitware
2:00 pm Elevator Pitch Practice: For students with Industry Professionals
3:00 pm Virtual Company Job Fair

If you would like to participate, please email Ashley Moriarty by Thursday September 15, 2022. More info on our Industry Page


Keynote Speaker: Stephen Aylward “Do something slightly different”


Abstract: This talk explores the increasing overlap that exists in academic and industry environments, the role of research and product development in those environments, and how you can shape your career to succeed in either.  It also explores how adopting the concepts and tools of open science can lead to success in both.

Bio: Stephen Aylward’s industry career began as an MS graduate surrounded by PhDs in the AI research labs at McDonnell Douglas.  He then received a PhD in computer science and became a tenured associate professor in the department of radiology at UNC.  That was followed by him pivoting back to industry and founding Kitware’s office in North Carolina, where he has had many roles as the company grew.  He successfully patented and licensed software while in academia and played lead roles in the development of numerous open-source projects including ITK and 3D Slicer while in industry.  He now serves as Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at Kitware, as an adjunct professor in computer science at UNC, and as chair of the advisory board for the development of MONAI, a leading open-source PyTorch library for medical AI.  His NIH, DARPA, and DoD funded research currently focuses on point-of-care AI and developing quantitative ultrasound spectroscopy measures to aid in the care of trauma victims in ambulances, emergency departments, and intensive care units.


Laboratory for Computational Sensing + Robotics